We can help each other’s t’ai chi practice with imagination. We can stretch our spirits with images, metaphors and partnering exercises that involve listening and following the energy coming from your fellow participants. For example, indulge your imagination and engage your breathing, body and center. Imagine your whole body suspended as if from a string from the top of […]

Beginner Exercises

We have developed a series of exercises, Qi Gong movements and t’ai chi postures, to expedite learning and accommodate and respond to individual needs and conditions. The following are a few examples of exercises that we employ before we begin the t’ai chi form: Sitting in a chair, imagine your head and body are suspended from a string […]


Meditation proves elusive for many of us, so we find solace in t’ai chi’s breathing, postures and movement to ‘eliminate random thoughts’. That can be the rub – quieting the mind from the noises, stresses and worries of everyday life. T’ai chi opens the gateway immediately to all in the search for ways to meditate. […]