Cheng man-Ching’s 37 posture form by Sifu Mike Pekor

This video is great!  Sifu Mike Pekor of Long Island, New York explains and demonstrates the total body movements of Cheng man-Ching’s short form.

This form is the traditional Cheng man-Ching’s “T’ai Chi in 37 postures” we do at All Good T’ai Chi.  This short form is basically Yang style with a few modifications:

  • It eliminates most of the repetitions of certain moves of the Yang long form.
  • It takes around ten minutes to practice instead of the twenty to thirty minutes of the Yang long form
  • The hand and wrist are held open, yet relaxed, in what Cheng called the “Fair Lady’s Hand” formation (as opposed to the straighter “Chinese tile” formation of the Yang style)
  • The form postures are not as expansive as Yang Chengfu’s form
  • Cheng postures are performed in “middle frame” style, which changes the movement of the feet from the Yang version.
  • Cheng’s concept of “swing and return” in which the momentum from one movement initiates the next. ( Cheng man Ch’ing/