About Us

Who We Are

All Good T’ai Chi is a group of “senior-ish” T’ai Chi players who come together several times a week to practice T’ai Chi and share our journey into this relaxing, healthful exercise.   We are not affiliated with any spiritual or religious organization or orientation.  Using the internal martial art of T’ai Chi, we seek to enhance our mind-body-spiritual connection by practicing this exercise.

Kirk Talbott, who studied under Robert W. Smith, the first Western student of the legendary Cheng Man-ch’ing, began exploring the creation of a T’ai Chi community group about 10 years ago and the adventure continues today.


typical tai chi practice at White Oak recreation center
A typical T’ai Chi practice at White Oak Recreation Center.

What We Do

At All Good T’ai Chi we’re all about good energy–body, mind, and spirit.  We practice Cheng Man-ch’ing’s Yang-style 37 posture short form.  Our focus is on relaxing the body, resting the mind, and feeling our human energy connection between sky and earth.

We start our session with Qigong warm-ups.  Then we break into two groups, beginning students and more advanced students.  One of our Assistant Instructors leads the beginning students in practicing basic postures, while Kirk works on developing internal energy and Chi with the advanced group.  We finish together with a calming, meditation-in-motion.


students practicing tai chi walking
Students practicing “T’ai Chi” walking.

When We Do It

We meet multiple times during the week at Montgomery County, Maryland Recreation Centers.  Most of our students agree that it’s necessary to practice more than once a week to see progress.  There are morning and afternoon classes available.  See T’ai Chi Classes for more information.

Why We Do It

We are all volunteers, instructors and students.  That’s why there are no fees.

The practice of T’ai Chi is a never ending journey and we are all students.  We come together to share our knowledge and experience with others and to partake of a positive class energy.  We do it because of T’ai Chi’s many health benefits and because of our pure enjoyment of this form of exercise.

As we like to say about our journey learning T’ai Chi,

“It’s All Good!”