Tai Chi Improved my Tennis Game

My tennis partners commented that my game has improved significantly. I know that my balance is certainly better since I have been doing Tai Chi regularly, and I feel that my tennis game is better because of it.

Audrey B.

Learning How to Move to Avoid Falls

I started T’ai Chi because of balance and flexibility issues. I’ve learned how to be aware of my posture and my Chi in everyday life. The principle of “sink and relax” is helpful going downstairs. The strength training in my legs and learning how to stand as if suspended from a string is helpful when I’m lifting heavy objects. “Stacking up my vertebrae” helps prevent lower back strain. I can even open jars easier by channeling my Chi from my feet through my hips and Dantian, then through my shoulder and into my hand. I put my whole body into it!

Kate K.

Shaking less with T’ai Chi

I’ve found that Tai chi and Qigong classes help to reduce my tremors caused by two neurological disorders – Essential Tremor and Cervical Dystonia. I’m hopeful that practicing Qigong and meditation at home, and during my daily routines when possible, also will ease the tremors and keep me feeling good.

Elaine B.

T’ai Chi for Parkinson’s Disease

I had read some research studies about Tai Chi being good for Parkinson’s Disease balance problems. After attending this class for several months I am convinced that this approach to teaching Tai is not only effective therapy to restore balance but has other benefits as well, such as restoring coordination and confidence in a practitioner’s ability to move smoothly and safely.

Dennis D.


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