Health Benefits

Chinese characters for body, mind, and spirit. Proverb: The boddy heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy.
Western medicine is coming to realize the health benefits of practicing T’ai Chi are extensive and even legendary.

Suffice to say that we find T’ai Chi practice help us generally with our balance, posture, breathing, and relaxing. More specifically, it can  correct years of poor posture, help lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

T’ai chi’s singular focus on relaxing, ancient principles, and flowing movements all promote health and longevity. T’ai Chi practice massages the vital organs and harnesses chi or electro-magnetic energy that defines each individual. This manifestation unfolds in myriad ways depending on the level of practice and the commitment of the student.

Many of us believe that one does not need years or even months of practice to feel almost immediate benefits.  During our weekly classes and practice sessions, we often break into smaller groups during which assistant instructors offer to coach less experienced students.  Students gain valuable insights and support from these experienced assistants.. At the same time, practice without heart and regularity will yield little. (Caveat – we believe  that practice does not make perfect, just better!)