Play T’ai Chi

Grandfather and Granddaughter play Tai Chi on the beach.Having fun is an important part of learning T’ai Chi.  Indeed, many T’ai Chi practitioners refer to T’ai Chi practice as “playing T’ai Chi” and T’ai Chi participants as “players.”

When students learn to take away one or two specific exercises and postures to work on at home, at work, while running errands, etc., progress will happen much more quickly and learning new postures and refinements of postures will come more easily.

Examples of such practice can be:

  1. Shifting the weight back and forth from one leg to the other with feet shoulder width apart while standing at the kitchen counter or in line at the grocery store;
  2. Opening and relaxing the shoulders and holding the head “as if suspended from a string” while walking;
  3. Keeping the wrists in a “fair lady’s” position while typing;
  4. Standing in “Bow Posture” and turning from the waist when sweeping the kitchen, shoveling snow, or hoeing the garden.

Not only will such practice accelerate progress in class, it will also improve the awareness of self.

And through it all, SMILE!  Be aware of yourself smiling,  Smiling is an important part of T’ai Chi!