Tai Chi Helps Build Strength and Prevent Falls

People looking to “get back into” exercise would benefit from starting with Tai Chi.  Practicing Tai Chi for 1 hour, one to three times a week can help strengthen unused muscles, increase body awareness in space, and prevent falls.

In a review “of [the] 507 studies included in the 2015 review, 94.1 percent found positive effects of tai chi. These included 192 studies involving only healthy participants, 142 with the goal of health promotion or preservation and 50 seeking better balance or prevention of falls. ”

From Elizabeth Trout’s comment on Brody’s article:

  The main thing I want to share with you is that everything, EVERYTHiNG I do,
I do better because of Tai Chi. 

The original article appeared in The New York Times:  Using Tai Chi to Build Strength

Thanks to Janet S. for suggesting this link.